The library collection began with the organizational meeting of IMHGS in 1969. Anabaptist history, records and stories from Mennonite and Amish families, congregations, and community life are the focus of the collection. It now includes encyclopedias and historical works, periodicals, family, county and congregational histories; indexes to ship passenger lists, census and marriage records on microfilm and microfiche, lists on CD ROMs and files of clippings, correspondence, fliers, pamphlets, and unpublished notes, letters and diaries.

Family Tree Maker software program is available for organizing and printing your genealogy, and provides research aids.

Our obituary card file with coverage from 1864 through 1997 lists over 72,600 names with vital statistics from the obituary columns of five Mennonite periodicals.

A leaflet lists and describes library resources for genealogical research, and library staff are available for assistance. This is not a lending library; reading and research must be done at the library.

Two unusual book collections at the Heritage Center are the Mennonite Authors Collection and Theology Titles.




A $10.00 minimum fee for a search by our volunteer library staff includes copies of up to 10 pages. Additional pages are 25¢ each.

Please ask for specific information. Include known names, dates, and locations. Family group sheets or pedigree charts are also helpful. Your information will be placed in IMHGS genealogical files.

The $10.00 fee, (checks payable to “IMHGS”) must accompany the request along with a self-addressed stamped envelope ($0.60). Research fees are not tax deductible; additional money donations are deductible.

Send requests to or to IMHGS Library, 675 State Route 116, Metamora, IL 61548-7732.




Collections from congregations, families, individuals, and church-related organizations, include records, diaries, letters, unpublished papers, photos, family Bibles, etc.

An inventory lists congregational materials on file at the Heritage Center archives, and at other repositories for Mennonite archives.



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