Mennonites in Illinois. IMHGS commissioned this comprehensive history of Mennonite and Amish congregations in Illinois. It includes a brief history of Mennonite origins in Europe, establishment of congregations, and the effect of awakening and more recent influences of Fundamentalism and acculturation.
Author Willard H. Smith, (1900-1998) was professor emeritus of history at Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana, author of several books and many historical articles. He was an Illinois native whose family were among early Mennonite settlers in the state and active in the spiritual life of their community. (Herald Press, 1983) 613 pp., hard cover, jacket, $30.



Illinois Mennonite Heritage Quarterly, published since 1974, contains 20-28 pages of historical and genealogical research, stories and reminiscences. Individual copies are $5.00 each, and are included with IMHGS membership. [Membership information islocated inlast two paragraphs on Home page.]
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Books for Sale



At the Bend in the River: A 100-Year History of East Bend Mennonite Church by Verle C. Oyer. History of the Mennonite congregation established in 1889 near Fisher, Illinois. (1989) 50 pp., $5
The Cullom Mennonite Church by Thomas Yoder. History of the Mennonite congregation at Cullom, Illinois, est.1860 and discontinued ca.1963. (1974) 72 pp., $3
History of the Roanoke Mennonite Church . . . 125 Years, 1875-2000: Understanding of the Past, A Guide to Our Future by Kenneth Ulrich. (2000) 87 pp., spiral bound, $10
Keeping The Faith:The Third Fifty Years, Hopedale Mennonite Church 1954-2004 by Carolyn Nafziger. (2004) 69 p. $8.
Living Stones: A History of the Metamora Mennonite Church by Steven R. Estes. History of Illinois oldest Amish or Mennonite congregation, established in 1833. (1984) 394 pp., hard cover, $10
Meetingplace: A History of The Mennonite Church of Normal 1912-1987 by Rachel Waltner Goossen. History of the joyful coming together of two formerly separate Mennonite congregations as one body. (1987), 179 pp., $10.
To God Alone Be the Honor! A Short History of the Willow Springs Mennonite Church by Steven R. Estes. History of congregation established 1836 near Tiskilwa, Illinois. (1996) 25 pp., $2



C. Henry Smith Revisited, Session 1, “Always an Amish-Mennonite Farm Boy,” and Session 2, “Premier Mennonite Historian”Master Story Teller,” Dr. Robert Kreider’s addresses to IMHGS on September 15, 2002, on DVD. $10.
Christian Concern for Health: The Sixtieth Anniversary History of the Mennonite Hospital Association by Steven R. Estes. (1979) 118 pp., $15.
Faith in Ferment: A History of the Central District Conference by Samuel Floyd Pannabecker. (Faith and Life Press, 1968), 385 pp., $20.
Love God and Love Your Neighbor: The Life and Ministry of Christian Engel by Steven R. Estes. Biography of an immigrant from Lorraine, France, who served as Illinois first Amish bishop. (1993) 137 pp., $10
Marching to Zion: A History of the Apostolic Christian Church of America, 2nd Ed., 1847-2007 by Perry A. Klopfenstein. (2008) 810 pp., $50.
Milestones and Altars Along My Road of Faith by Robert A. Yoder. (2005) 109 pp., $10.
Rocks of the Bible: Their Meanings and Uses in Ancient Times by Harold Helmuth. (2008) 106 pp., $10.
Scattering Point: The World in a Mennonite Eye by Jeff Gundy. (State University of New York Press, 2003) 212 pp., $15.
Tradition and Transition: An Amish Mennonite Heritage of Obedience, 1693-1993 ed. by V. Gordon Oyer. Anthology of 15 essays and other material spanning 300 years of Amish history, presented by contemporary Mennonite historians at a commemorative conference in Illinois. (IMHGS, 1994) 241 pp., $8
Transplanted German Farmer: The Life and Times of Christian Iutzi (1788-1857), 1832 Immigrant to Butler County, Ohio, in His Own Words ed. and annotated by Neil Ann Stuckey Levine. Presents Pioneer Christian Iutzi’s description of life in Butler County, Ohio and settlements. (Friends of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead, March 2009) 253 pp., $20
Walking Together in Faith: The Central District Conference 1957-1990 ed. by Elaine Sommers Rich. (1993) 284 pp., $15.
Woodsdale’s Story by Doris L. Page. (1998) 107 pp., $5.
Deerflies by Jeff Gundy. (WordTech Editions, 2004) 135 pp., $15.
Rhapsody with Dark Matter by Jeff Gundy. (Bottom Dog Press, 2000) 88 pp., $12.



Christian and Catherine (Ulerich) Wagler: Tazewell Settlers by Verle and Margaret Oyer. (1970) 93 pp., $5.
Christian Schmucker: Stalwart Pioneer by Silas J. Smucker (1986) 44 pp., $2.
Joseph and Elizabeth A Sourcebook: the Lives and Ancestry of Joseph Shellenberger Shoemaker (1854-1936) and Elizabeth Sechrist Brubaker (1856-1932) by Robert Kreider, Jakob Miller, and Eileen Roth. (Shoemaker Family Association: N. Newton, KS, 1998) 145 pp., spiral bound, $25.
Joseph Oyer (1814-1866): Pioneer Immigrant by Verle and Margaret Oyer. (1963), $10.

The Maninger Family with additional sections on the related families of Barth, Smith, Schrock, Weyeneth by F. Robert Henderson and Barbara Craig Phelps. Based in part on information gathered and written by Ellen Barth Phelps. And information provided by Patti Woodard. (2000) 160 pp., $10.



The Great Doctrines of the Bible edited by Daniel Kauffman. (Scottdale, PA, 1914) 701 pp., $10.
(History of the) Central Conference Mennonite Church by Wm B. Weaver. (Danvers, IL, 1926) 254 pp., $25.
Conrad Grebel, c. 1498-1526, The Founder of the Swiss Brethren by H. S. Bender. #6 Vol. I of Studies in Anabaptist and Mennonite history. (Menn. Hist. Soc., Goshen, IN, 1950) 326 pp., $20.
Education Among the Mennonites of America by J. E. Hartzler (Danvers, IL, 1925) 195 pp., $20.
Glimpses of Mennonite History and Doctrine by J. C. Wenger. (Scottdale, PA, 1947) 258 pp., $5.
Mennonite Church History by J. S. Hartzler and Daniel Kauffman. (Scottdale, PA, 1905) 422 pp., (3) good condition, (1) fair $25.
Mennonite Cyclopedic Dictionary edited by Daniel Kauffman.